Andover Advocacy

Citizens Advice Test Valley is pleased to support the Andover Advocacy Service. (Please note Citizens Advice Test Valley remains an independent charity.)

Andover Advocacy is a free and completely confidential service. It is available to all vulnerable people aged 18+ in the Andover area. If you think Andover Advocacy could help you, or someone you know or care for please contact below.

What is advocacy?

Advocacy is about helping people to have their say. It can help you to:

  • Take greater control of decisions that affect you
  • Express your wishes, needs and opinions
  • Get access to resources and information
  • Resolve your issues if you have difficulty coping or expressing yourself.

Andover Advocacy is made up of a number of trained volunteers.

What is an advocate?

An advocate will work with you; they will always put you first and they will help you to help yourself.

Some of the ways advocates can help include:

  • Supporting you to complete forms
  • Helping you to make decisions about housing such as moving into a care home or supported housing
  • Helping you to develop a budget
  • Supporting you to access advice on benefits and legal issues
  • Accompanying you to meetings
  • Making sure you know your rights

Who needs advocacy?

Some people aren’t fully aware of their rights as citizens, or have difficulty in fully understanding these rights. Others may find it hard to speak up for themselves and have no connections to family and friends who could support them. Some people might become vulnerable due to a life event such as illness or bereavement.

Anyone might need advocacy at some stage in their life.

What people say

I am so grateful for the help I have received from the advocacy service. Filling in benefits assessment forms is a very stressful thing for me, but having an advocate to help with it takes away a lot of that stress. She’s also accompanied me to social services meetings etc which is a much needed support. If the advocacy service wasn’t available I don’t know what I would do.

S.H, Andover

At a time when most services have been unavailable due to Covid 19, Andover Advocacy has been an invaluable source of support for many people struggling through a difficult time. They have supported the many people we have referred to them, with a non-judgemental confidential and kind approach on a range of issues from problems with housing, form filling and benefit applications, informing people of what is available to them and of their legal rights.

We have always received very positive feedback from those have connected to Andover Advocates, mostly hearing how they felt both heard and supported. We have been so grateful to have a close working relationship with the Advocates and look forward to continuing to work together supporting people of Andover.

Katherine Norris, Health and Wellbeing Adviser, Social Prescribing Team

For several years now I’ve used the Advocacy service and found it invaluable! When I’ve felt at a loss about how to complete my ESA forms for instance, the service I’ve received has been kind, confidential, reassuring and very helpful indeed. Even when I felt a little discouraged about life, the support they have given me has helped me considerably.

S.F, Goodworth Clatford

Because of my lack of confidence problems and low self esteem I have relied heavily on CAB advocacy. They have helped me with making what I see as complicated and dreaded phone calls, reading and writing letters which consume my mind with worry and shame and stop me self-harming and punishing myself. I’m not where I once was but have a little way to go now.

They give me the confidence to hold my head high so I can concentrate on every day normal life and allows my mind and body to calm down. I love their confidence and people take notice and act quicker as I just seem to go round in circles. I don’t feel judged or intimidated or shamed. They only do what I need to sort out and I don’t feel pressurised. They have been with me before and after my move, and I am so so grateful that thank you just doesn’t seem good enough. Thank you CAB advocacy.

M.G, Goodworth Clatford