Research & Campaigns work is one of the two main aims of the Citizens Advice service. As well as providing advice and information to help people resolve problems, we also work to improve and change the policies, practices and regulations which often lie at the heart of those problems.

The Citizens Advice Service is firmly rooted in the community, so our advice work gives us a real insight into the problems and injustices suffered by so many of our clients.

When we identify cases where it appears that people may have been unfairly treated, we send anonymous reports to Citizens Advice central who use this information to compile evidence which can be used to put pressure on policy makers to make changes for the better.

See News for detail of the latest research and campaign news.

Within Citizens Advice Test Valley we have dedicated Action Groups which meet periodically to consider the local issues we have seen at Citizens Advice Test Valley and how these may be taken forward. We might visit a local agency or group to discuss the issue. Often a particular group does not realise how the action or procedures actually affect the public until we talk to them.

We are committed to identifying issues that can lead to discrimination and inequality in society.

Through our involvement we can bring about change and a fairer, better life for all.